Serendipity Tableware

Serendipity Tableware



In life, we seek pleasure & laughter.
Serendipity Tableware aims to influence us in a positive way.
It is the result of hand sprayed gradients in a sensitive color pallet, which intend to reflect a sense of innocence and a feeling of pure happiness. The decoration’s process is handmade, thus offering the collection its high share of authenticity.

Glazed Porcelain with Airbrushed Pigment Gradients and Screen Printed Ceramic decals.

Round Tray D 33CM; Dinner Plate D27CM; Dessert Plate D22CM; Bread Plate D11CM; Cup D8 x 9CM

Images credits to Pedro Saraiva (white background) and Ana Morais

Gradient Collections to be presented at DDW Eindhoven 2019 - Veem Floor 2, as part of the collective exhibition in / PERFECTION organised by aicep Portugal Global.

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