The Studio offers creative direction, product design and product development services - each brand identity is aligned with the business objectives, developing a dedicated vision for each client.


Monica Santos is a Porto-based Design Studio founded in 2015.

Fruit of the passion and know-how of the Creative Director and Product Designer Monica Braga dos Santos, it specialises in the areas of tabletop, living and furniture.

Firm in the belief that a product only comes to existence when a relationship with its user is established, Monica Braga dos Santos’ products stem from a comprehensive analysis of History, heritage and culture, thus creating a path to explore new ways of interacting with everyday objects. More than only attributing objects a functional significance, a focus is placed on developing the products’ social potential in order to generate positive emotions today.

The Studio’s creative process privileges the practical component, which means it entails numerous visits to factories and the attendance of workshops. This course of action promotes contact with different technologies and raw materials, which, in turn, and besides the products developed for clients, translates into the development of products with a more experimental character, sometimes produced in short-run operations.

‘Time and happiness are key here, and each object is seen as a moment in life, one to be experienced.’

Monica Braga dos Santos